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Visa Check Card

With a Visa® Check Card from Murphy-Wall, you always have spending power when you need it.

You can use it like a credit card anywhere Visa is accepted or use it to get cash from any ATM. Funds are deducted automatically from your checking account so you never have to pay finance charges or late fees like you do with a credit card.


Get a card as special as you are! We can customize your check card with your own photo and signature.

The Visa Check Card may be used at locations displaying the Cirrus®, MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, STAR®, PLUS®, Discover┬«, or Pulse® network logos.

Instant Issue Card@Once Program

Customers may elect to apply for one of five Visa Check Cards that can be issued and printed at our Pinckneyville banking location eliminating the need to wait for a card and PIN to be delivered in the mail. The cost of the application is $5.00. $1.00 of the application fee is donated to a school or charity that we've associated with the card design.

If you lose your card or have to replace your card, you can also get an Instant Issue card printed*. Replacement Card Fee is $7.00. $1.00 of the replacement fee is donated to the school or charity as indicated above.

*For complete information, please speak with a Customer Service Representative!

Fees may change. Reissue Card Fee is $5.00. $1.00 of the reissue fee is donated to the school or charity as indicated above. Cards and Card Designs may be subject to availability. Cards can not be mailed. Designated donations may change.