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Keeping you informed because we care

Please visit this page often to stay informed about card, mobile, and online service availability. We will also post any alerts regarding security breaches or fraud activity that we feel might be beneficial to our customers.

Fraud Text and Bogus Calls

Recent reported fraud attempts involve an introductory text message attempting to confirm fake transactions. If a customer replies that this isn’t familiar to them, they receive a call from someone impersonating a bank representative. Through conversation, the impersonator attempts to convince the customer to provide the credentials they need to access the customer’s digital banking account. The fraudsters then transfer funds from the customer’s accounts to their own.

Murphy-Wall does not believe that the attacks are due to any compromise within our system.  Plausible ways a fraudster could obtain customer information using the Internet or the Dark Web are:

  1. Press releases
  2. Public Records such as mortgage filings
  3. Industry information disclosing financial institutions’ core providers
  4. Digital banking website certificates
  5. Mobile app copyright data
  6. Dark web BIN marketplaces and public online directories

It seems the fraudster is tapping into the above or a similar resource for information they believe will help them steal funds from our customers.  It is crucial that our customers stay educated on current fraud trends.  Please visit our Blog pages for information concerning security and other fraud related items.  If you are using our Digital Banking services, it is easy and a best practice to set up alert notifications to help you monitor your account activity.  In addition, our Card On/Off service also can assist in keeping your one-time card transactions more secure.   You can call us at your local facility and reach our fraud department by pressing 0, or use our toll-free number to call 877-358-6554 (Opt 1 then 5) during normal banking hours or call directly to the Card Sentry Hotline at 844-202-5333 to report fraudulent card activity when our offices are closed. We are here to help you if you have any questions or concerns!

Scam Alert

We have been notified of fraudulent text messages stating VISA debit cards have been compromised, with instructions to call immediately.  Murphy-Wall State Bank does not send text notifications for compromised card activity.  Do not call the number listed and do not give out any personal or banking information.  A sample is included below.  Please call us at 877-358-6554 with any questions.

scam text sample number blocked


Scheduled Maintenance

There will be scheduled maintenance affecting our Online and Mobile Banking service October 15th, 2023 at 12:00AM to 6:00AM. Mobile and Internet transfers will not be available during this time.