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Scam of the Week: Think Before You Tweet

If you’ve ever used social media to make a complaint about a company, you’d know that many organizations are quick to respond to this public expression. But have you ever stopped to question whether the account responding to your concern is really someone from the company? Recently, fraudsters have taken to social media platforms to […]

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Murphy-Wall State Bank Donates to Elkville Christian Church for #Team Matthew Trivia Night. Becky Burroughs accepts a check on behalf of the Elkville Christian Church, presented by Julie Briley, Murphy-Wall State Bank Elkville Branch Manager.

Murphy-Wall State Bank Donates to Elkville Christian Church

Recently Matthew McLane, a 15 year old student at Elverado High School was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was found to have a large tumor and is currently undergoing aggressive chemo therapy, which will be followed up with extensive radiation. Elkville Christian Church will be hosting a Trivia Night on Saturday, June 22nd, to raise […]

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Scam of the Week: Brand Impersonation Attacks Are at an All-Time High

According to recent reports, phishing attacks that use brand impersonation are at an all-time high. Cyber criminals are posing as familiar companies so they can trick you and get access to your account in order to steal sensitive data or target additional employees.   Here’s how it typically happens: Attackers send you a standard-looking email […]

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Nile Adcock and Jimmie Reiman hold the Murphy-Wall sponsored shirts at the Billie Ray Craig Memorial Jr Golf Classic

Murphy-Wall State Bank Sponsors Billie Ray Craig Memorial Jr. Golf Classic at Red Hawk Golf Club

    Pinckneyville IL – The Billie Ray Craig Memorial Junior Golf Classic, sponsored by Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company was conducted Tuesday June 4, 2019 at the Red Hawk Country Club, Pinckneyville, IL.     The tournament hosted 35 junior golfers from across Southern Illinois. The tournament, which is a Point Event for […]

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Stop.Think.Connect. Toolkit: Insider Threat

We often think of cyber threats as coming from an anonymous criminal, hundreds of miles away behind a computer screen. However, current and former employees who have intimate and valuable knowledge about a company are also capable of committing a cyber crime. An insider threat occurs when a current or former employee, contractor, or business […]

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Stop.Think.Connect. Toolkit: Reporting a Cybercrime Complaint

As we spend more time online, crimes that previously occurred face to face – like credit card fraud, identity theft, and harassment – now occur online as well. By reporting cybercrime to the appropriate authorities, you can play a role in making the Internet safer and more secure for all.   Resources Available to You […]

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Scam of the Week: Watch Out for Fake Legal Threats in Your Inbox

The bad guys are currently using fake legal threats to scare you into downloading their malicious attachments. These email scams typically inform you that your organization is going to be sued. You’re instructed to review the attached file for details and to respond within a few days or further action will be taken against you. […]

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Scam of the Week: That Free Avengers: Endgame Download You Found Online? It’s a Scam!

If you’re looking to stream or download blockbuster movies when they’re still in theaters, you probably shouldn’t. Why not? Well, first and foremost, this is called piracy and it is illegal. Secondly, any “free downloads” you do find will likely be a scam. Recently, a popular search engine result for Avengers: Endgame claims to offer […]

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Scam of the Week: Watch out for Memorial Day Scams

The bad guys are known to use holidays to try to get you to click on a dangerous link or download a malicious attachment. Whether you’re traveling this Memorial Day weekend, or staying home to take advantage of online shopping deals, be cautious when performing any types of online transactions. Be suspicious of any out-of-the-ordinary […]

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Murphy-Wall State Bank Predisent and CEO Marty Davis and Jessica Sarensen, Jessica Elson of Elverado High School

Murphy-Wall State Bank Awards Scholarships

Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company awarded scholarships to Elverado, Murphysboro and Carterville High Schools. Recipients of the Scholarships are Jessica Sarensen, Jessica Elson of Elverado High School and Haden Vaughn of Carterville High School as well as Alex Hernandez of Murphysboro High School. These scholarship awards were given to students who will be pursuing […]

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