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Lost or Stolen Card


Lost or Stolen Credit Card

If you believe that your Murphy-Wall branded MasterCard ® credit card has been lost or stolen, call toll-free 800-445-9272 (Opt 1).


Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If you believe that your Visa® Check Card has been lost or stolen, contact us as soon as possible at 618-318-8645 during normal business hours.  You may also call us toll-free using our telephone banking services at 877-358-6554 Menu Option 5 following the touch tone election (1), or call directly to the Card Sentry Hotline at 844-202-5333.

Calling us is the best way of preventing or minimizing possible losses. Additional paperwork will be required in the event a fraudulent debit card transaction is posted to your account.

If you are a Murphy-Wall State Bank Mobile App user, you have the ability to deactivate your card at will. After logging in, select the menu button in the bottom left hand corner of the app. Then select ‘Manage Cards’. Your card(s) will be displayed in a blue ripple format listing the last four digits of the card number. Select the “On” button and then select “Turn Off” reactivate. While your card is deactivated, no transactions will be authorized.  You may also change your PIN in the ‘Manage Cards’ menu options if you believe an unauthorized party has knowledge of your PIN.