Protecting Yourself from Fraud

Visa protects customers from fraud with a number of prevention tools. With chip-activated terminals, a unique, one-time authorization code protects chip card transactions. Verified by Visa, the cardholder enters a password to verify their identity, which is confirmed by the card issuer in real time. Address Verification Service is used when checking the billing address with the card issuer. With Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2), a three-digit number is imprinted on the signature panel of all Visa cards. Visa also offers Cyber source, services for processing online payments, streaming fraud management and simplifying payment security. For a full listing of prevention tools, visit


Murphy-Wall State Bank strongly advises to safeguard your information and keep your debit card information strictly confidential. Protect your identity by packing light if you’re making plans to leave for a spring or summer vacation. Take only the identification, credit, or debit cards you’ll need for a specific trip, and always leave your Social Security card at home.


We encourage you to protect your identity at all times, and watch your statements for potential fraud. If you see something suspicious on your monthly statement or credit card bills, let us know immediately. The sooner we catch it, the better. If you DO give your card info to someone and authorize them to use the card, you must notify us when you choose to revoke their authorization. Don’t hesitate to call us at 877-358-6554, or find out more on our website, Murphy-Wall State Bank, Member FDIC.