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Making the switch to Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company is easy with our Switch Kit!



Switch Checklist

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Switch Direct Deposit & Automatic Payments

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Close Old Account

At Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company, our customer-focused staff is experienced in helping you when you’ve made the choice to change!  Our Switch Kit provides you with all the necessary forms for you to make sure every little detail gets handled with ease.  And, we will be here to help make your financial future even brighter! Follow the steps below to get started!

1. Open New Account

  • Stop by any of our locations to open your new account.  If you would like to browse our account options prior to your visit, you will find our Compare Accounts Guide here.

2. Download our Switch Kit

  • Prepare to close your old account by following the steps on the checklist.
    • Open New Account with Murphy-Wall State Bank
    • Ensure all outstanding checks have cleared your old account
    • Move Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments
    • Close your old account and destroy any existing checks and/or debit cards linked to the closed account

3. Move Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments to New Account

Making sure your direct deposits and automatic payment information is updated to your new account is one of the most important steps when changing banks.  We recommend reviewing your most recent bank statements and identifying your monthly direct deposits (payroll, social security, child support, pension, annuities, etc.) and automatic withdraws (utilities payments such as electricity, water, trash, internet, phone; credit card payments, car payments, insurance, television services, etc.) Remember to check for items you may only pay quarterly or annually too!

4. Close Old Account

  • Verify all outstanding checks have cleared your old account, then complete our Close Account Request Form and send to your old bank.