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Cent $aver

When you’re trying to save money, every cent counts! The Cent $aver Savings Program rounds up your daily debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits into your savings account!

    Sign up for Cent $aver1
    —All you need is a debit card, checking account, and savings account2
  2. SWIPE
    Use your debit card to make everyday purchases3
    —This goes for you or anyone using a debit card on the account
  3. SAVE
    Rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar
    —The extra change goes straight to your savings account

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1Enrollment in the Cent $aver Savings Program can be initiated by visiting our website or contacting a Customer Service Representative. Cent $aver Program Agreement required. Restrictions and Limitations may apply.

2The “Eligible accounts” consist of Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company consumer checking and consumer savings accounts. Eligible checking account must be linked to Murphy-Wall Visa® Check Card. In the case of joint ownership on the designated checking account, each debit card holder will be enrolled in the service. Like ownership must exist in both the checking and savings account enrolled in the Cent $aver Savings Program. Please refer to the Cent $aver Program Agreement & Disclosure for more information on the governing terms referencing the restrictions of this program.

3A “qualified purchase” is defined as a one-time PIN or Signature-based debit card transaction made in person or online using your debit card. Transactions excluded from counting as a “qualified purchase” include, but are not limited to ATM transactions and cash advance transactions. A single transfer of the cumulative amount from all qualifying transactions will be deposited at the end of each business day.

Full disclosure or terms and conditions will be provided at product or service opening, upon request, or as required by law or regulation. Contact a CSR for Complete Details! Member FDIC.