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old image of murphy wall bank

The History of Murphy-Wall

Three men with a vision to serve their community with financial services; W. K. Murphy, George Wall and George W. Parker established The Exchange Bank of Murphy-Wall and Company, November 12, 1874, in Pinckneyville, Illinois. Later known as Murphy-Wall and Company Banks and then incorporated as Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company.



picture from 1874


The original bank, located on the north side of the Pinckneyville square

picture from 1907


The bank moved to a new building at the corner of Walnut and Water Street in Pinckneyville

picture from 1925


The interior of the bank was refurbished by replacing the iron grill work with bullet-proof glass and small openings for conversation

picture from 1983


The bank was moved to Water Street in Pinckneyville in a brand new building

picture from 2001


The Rend Lake College extension was built in Pinckneyville

picture from 2005


A new branch for the bank was opened in Murphysboro

picture from 2013


Another bank branch was opened in Elkville

picture from 2017


The Elkville branch was renovated and redecorated