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Farm Loans in Southern Illinois


Driving all around Perry, Jackson, and Williamson Counties, you can see how important agriculture is to our local economy. At Murphy-Wall State Bank, we have been servicing the agricultural industry since we opened in 1874. We know just what you need to make your business grow! Even though farming has changed a bit, our commitment to you has not! Let us help get you the financing you need to succeed.



  • Low rates
  • Multiple financing options
  • Experienced advisers
  • Local decisions
  • Personal attention
  • Easy to apply


We offer loans to suit all your needs:

Operating Lines of Credit

A line of credit can make a critical difference in the running of your farm. Planting time, for example, is a small window of opportunity that can easily be ruined by equipment failure. You simply don’t have time to apply for and wait around for financing. However, with a line of credit at your disposal, repairing and replacing that equipment is much easier.


Equipment Loans

Don’t limp through growing and harvesting seasons with equipment that’s on its last legs. Our affordable financing options can help you get the equipment you need to make this a great farming year.


Real Estate Loans

Do you need financing for expanding your farming operation? Perhaps you’re ready to make the move to a new homestead, or looking to add on acreage? We’re proud to serve our agricultural community, and we do it by offering the loans that meet your needs. Ask us for details about our USDA Rural Housing, FHA Home Loans and VA Home Loans. We are Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender.


Farmer Mac Agricultural Real Estate Loans

  • Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company has partnered with Farmer Mac to better serve the needs of our agricultural customers.
  • Farmer Mac is constructed to provide long-term fixed rate credit solutions specifically designed with our local community agriculturalists in mind.1
  • As a Farmer Mac Approved Lender, we can help you minimize the risk of interest rate fluctuation on agriculture real estate by offering low, fixed-rate mortgages with terms up to 30 years!2
  • Even Better – Our lenders will provide you with necessary assistance throughout the application process and continue servicing your consumer needs even after closing.3
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Customized Loan Packages

Ask us about our Rural Development loans, FHA and VA loans. We also offer the Home Ready Program among our customized Loan Packages.


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1Subject to credit approval and underwriting requirements.

2Interest rate restrictions and term restrictions may apply.

3Farmer Mac generally purchases the loan at origination, while the lender maintains the field servicing relationship with the borrower.