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Choose free checking that earns interest — plus refunds on ATM withdrawal fees, nationwide.


.50 Annual Percentage Yield

Interest Rate

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No Monthly Service Charge

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ATM Fees Refunded

Just WIN! Cash Rewards


  • 0.50% APY (annual percentage yield) on qualifying balances up to $10,0001
  • 0.01% APY on nonqualifying balances1
  • Refunds on ATM fees nationwide2
  • $100 minimum opening deposit
  • No monthly service charge
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Free basic Digital Banking
  • Electronic Statements provided at no additional charge3

Earn Your Rewards

Each month just do the following to qualify4

  • Have at least one third-party Direct Deposit or one third-party Automatic Payment (Debit) post to your account
  • Have at least 12 Visa® Check Card purchases post to your account5
  • Log into digital banking at least once

If you don’t qualify, don’t worry! You still get unlimited free checking and earn our base rate of .01% APY, and you can get the rewards back the very next monthly qualification cycle.

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1When the Just WIN! Cash Rewards qualifications are met during a monthly qualification cycle, the interest rate on your account and the corresponding annual percentage yield (APY) are as described in the RATE SHEET.

2If you have met the minimum qualifications for the Monthly qualification cycle, we will refund you up to $25.00 in nationwide ATM fees incurred during the Monthly qualification cycle in which you qualified. Murphy-Wall ATM refunds are credited (posted) to your account on the last day of the current Statement Cycle (the day your statement is prepared).

3Acceptance of our Consent for Electronic Transactions, Records, and Signatures agreement, including a valid email address and the account holder’s enrollment in electronic delivery of statements, notices, and disclosures, is required to open and retain Just WIN! Reward Accounts with us. Should an email become undeliverable, or you do not access your Digital Banking account pursuant to the Qualification requirements for 3 or more Qualification Cycles, Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company reserves the right to convert your JUST WIN! Reward Checking account and place you in our Just WIN! Checking Account that does not hold qualifier requirements and may include monthly Service Charges.

4Just WIN! Cash Rewards Qualifications must be met each period from the third Thursday each month (the day after the statement is prepared) to the third Wednesday evening the following month (the day the next statement is prepared). Transactions must be posted and cleared (settled) by the evening of the third Wednesday of each month in order to count towards your qualifying transactions in order to obtain your Just WIN! Rewards. Transactions that do not post and settle on the same day the statement is prepared (cut) are counted toward the next qualifying period. Accounts automatically qualify the first qualification cycle which is from the day the account is opened to the day before the statement is cut. If monthly qualifications are not met, we will pay not less than the minimum or BASE rate on your account. If monthly qualifications are not met, ATM fees will not be refunded. If after three (3) consecutive statement cycles, the Just WIN! Cash Rewards Qualifications have consistently not been met, Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company reserves the right to convert your Just WIN! Cash Rewards account and place you in our Just WIN! Checking Account that does not hold qualifier requirements and may include monthly Service Charges.

5Qualifying Visa® Check Card transactions do not include ATM transactions. Internal bank transfers do not count as qualifying transactions.

Full disclosure or terms and conditions will be provided at product or service opening, upon request, or as required by law or regulation. Contact a CSR for Complete Details! Member FDIC.

Fees could reduce earnings on the account.