2019-2020 Panther Spirit Challenge

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November 1, 2019

RE: Contest Specifications, Rules and how to enter

How to enter Murphy-Wall State Bank Panther Spirit Challenge

  • The challenge is open to all PCHS organizations, clubs, classes, and teams
  • It will be held during home varsity boys’ basketball games
  • The challenge will give them an opportunity to win $100 for their treasury
  • There will be a separate post for each home basketball game that PCHS organizations, clubs, classes and teams may submit their Spirit photo in the comments of that post.
    • The posts will be pinned to the top of the Murphy-Wall State Bank FaceBook page for each game
    • The post will be scheduled 5 days prior to game day (ex: Nov 21st game vs WF will be pinned Nov 16th)
    • A new photo must be submitted for each game (Murphy-Wall State Bank is not responsible for posts entered incorrectly)
    • Post must be of students displaying their school spirit
      • Be creative please (sitting on the bleachers doesn’t show school spirit!)
    • All posts are subject to approval by Murphy-Wall State Bank
  • Those who will be posting the entries will need to “Like” Murphy-Wall State Bank FB page
    • Will also need to “Like” the post/photo
  • The post with the most “Likes” will be the winner for that evenings game
  • Entries made on FB Must include:
    • Game Date (ex: Saturday, Dec 10th)
    • Opposing Team (ex: Cairo Pilots)
    • Organization: (ex: Cross Country)
    • Student’s name submitting the post (ex; Ryan Bruns)
  • Voting will end at 4 PM game day (Hoops Classic games TBA)
  • Winning entry will be notified through FB message (will be sent to the person that made the post)
  • A separate post with new photo (photos cannot be resubmitted) for each game
  • Winning organization will be announced, during the first quarter of the varsity game, unless otherwise stated. They will be responsible for their representative being present and ready to participate at half-time of the varsity game (unless otherwise stated).
  • Participants must be in high school
  • A Murphy-Wall t-shirt will be provided and given to the organization representative to wear prior contest
  • Winning organization representative will shoot at half time of varsity game
    • 45 seconds on the clock, participant will have the chance to make consecutive shots, consisting of, a lay-up ($10), free throw ($35), three-pointer ($50) and half-court shot ($100) [amount does not accumulate]
    • Participants representing the winning organization may only shoot once for the same organization.
    • If participant makes the half-court shot, they will qualify for the bonus shoot, the final home game of the season for a chance to make one more half-court shot for $500, for their organization.


Game Date Day Opponent Earliest Post Date
Nov 26th Tuesday Frankfort Redbirds Nov 21st
Dec 13th Friday Sparta Bulldogs Dec 8th
Dec 26th Thursday Hoops Classic-TBA Dec 21st
Dec 27th Friday Hoops Classic-TBA
Dec 28th Saturday Hoops Classic-TBA
Jan 3rd Friday Anna Jonesboro Wildcats Dec 29th
Jan 11th Saturday Vandalia Vandals Jan 6th
Jan 17th Friday Carterville Lions Jan 12th
Feb 8th Saturday DuQuoin Indians Feb 3rd
Feb 15th Saturday Nashville Hornets Feb 10th


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If you have questions concerning anything about the MWSB Panther Spirit Challenge, please do not hesitate to contact; Denise Smith denise.smith@murphywall.com. Or Candice Knight candice.knight@murphywall.com

Look forward to seeing the creative posts for the Panthers!

Thank you and Good Luck
Denise D Smith
Candice Knight
Marketing Team