Important Notice

March 14, 2020

To our Valued Customers:

Serving our customers is our top priority, this includes making certain that we take steps to assist in deterring the spread of the Coronavirus.  As of this writing we are not aware of any local contracted cases, however that does not eliminate our staff or our customers from being exposed to the virus by contact from others whom have been traveling abroad or outside of our immediate area.

We are taking precautions by following the CDC guidelines of washing our hands frequently, using anti-bacterial gel, keeping our distance from each other, etc.  We have cancelled business trips outside of our area as a precautionary step to avoid possible contamination.  We ask that you also assist by taking precautions when entering our facilities by properly protecting yourselves and the others around you from the spread or contraction of the virus.

We are implementing the following. but not limited to. common sense efforts to assist in this temporary issue:

  • We will be briefly suspending our Friday popcorn program;
  • Any team member that shows signs of illness will be told to stay home; and
  • Our team will be constantly cleaning and disinfecting areas that are utilized by both customers and team members.

While we see no need for alarm or panic, we do not take this pandemic issue lightly, so during your course of transacting business with us, you may see certain items that employees may be utilizing that will deter any contraction of the virus to them or to you.

While we continue to invite you into our five branches, with the age of electronics you can transact much of your business in the comfort of your own home by computer or phone.  We operate six (6) ATMs throughout Southern Illinois which are available 24X7 and also offer ATM surcharge refunds as part of our Reward Checking programs.   If you are concerned about getting out and need to transact financial business with us, please give us a call and we will certainly accommodate your desires to the best of our ability.

We have been in business since 1874, and Murphy-Wall has weathered many crises since then, serving our customers with the best products and service that you can ask for.  We will continue to serve our communities and be that pillar that you have always relied on to maintain strength and perseverance during the challenging times such as this.

As a community, we should all come together and take care of each other, and Murphy-Wall State Bank will be there ready to lend a hand to help get through this time of concern.



Marty L. Davis


Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company