Serving our customers is our top priority, this includes making certain that we take steps to assist in deterring the spread of the Coronavirus.  The pandemic is health related and we want to assure our customers that although our services have been redirected to our drive-ups and other electronic self-service options, there is NOT a shortage of cash and we are still here, committed to assist you with your financial needs. The money our customers have invested here at Murphy-Wall State Bank is safe and FDIC insured.

As a result of government recommendations to practice social distancing and following CDC guidelines to assist in the efforts to keep the COVID-19 from spreading, the Drive-Up lanes at each of our banking locations will be open during normal business hours until further notice.  Lobbies will be accessible by appointment only.  Should you wish to make an appointment, please feel free to call our local banking phone numbers (see FAQs below) or toll free at 877-358-6554, Opt 0.  While we see no need for alarm or panic, we do not take this pandemic issue lightly. During the course of transacting business with us, you may see our employees utilizing hand sanitizer and wiping down items with a disinfectant. This is an effort in us doing our part at our local level.

As we continue to invite you into our five branches through their Drive-Up services, with the age of electronics you can transact much of your business in the comfort of your own home by computer, tablet or phone. We operate six (6) ATMs throughout Southern Illinois which are available 24×7 and also offer ATM surcharge refunds as part of our Reward Checking programs. If you are concerned about getting out and need to transact financial business with us, please give us a call and we will certainly accommodate your desires to the best of our ability.

We understand the adjustments that everyone is making.  We are equally concerned about the growing impact to our staff, friends, family, business partners, communities and our World. We appreciate your patience as we make the necessary changes to our services during these unprecedented times and encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Further details and contact information can be found in the FAQs below. Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company.  Member FDIC.  Equal Housing Lender.


FAQs Regarding the COVID-19

Is your lobby closed?

  • Out of an abundance of caution and for the safety and well-being of our customers and employees, following CDC recommendations, we will be redirecting our customers to our Drive-Up and/or walk-up services. Our lobby is available by appointment only.

Is your Drive-Up open?

  • Yes! All of our Drive-Up services are operating under normal business hours.

How long will your lobby be closed?

  • We do not have an answer for you at this time, but we will open our lobbies as soon as it is safe to do so! We will be updating this website, our digital banking services, and posting on our Facebook page to keep you informed as quickly as possible.

Is our money safe?

  • Your money is absolutely 100% safe here at Murphy-Wall!  This is a health issue, not a financial issue.  We are only wanting to keep our customers and our staff away from this dreadful virus. Checking, savings, money market, CDs, and IRAs are insured by FDIC. Read more at To quickly calculate your FDIC insurance, check out

How can I assist in reducing the spread of the virus and continue to utilize banking services at this time?

  • While our Drive-Up remains open, our digital banking services are also available from the comfort of your home.
  • Secure messages regarding your account(s) with us can be sent through the Digital Banking system.
  • We have six (6) ATMs throughout southern Illinois which are available 24×7 in the event that you need cash, balance transfers, or balance inquiries.
  • You may make purchases or get cash using your debit card.
  • We recommend that you use your debit card which is a currently less likely to spread the virus than handling cash.
  • Our night drop is available for deposits and loan payments at each location.
  • Our Customer Activated Telebank System is also available for account inquiries from any touch tone phone. If you need to activate PIN access please call us.
  • If you require additional assistance, or need to open an account, request a loan, or access your safe deposit box, please call 877-358-6554 to make an appointment.  Dial 0, 0 to be directed to an Operator.

Can I access my safe deposit box?

  • Please call 877-358-6554 to set up an appointment to do so. Dial 0, 0 to be directed to an Operator.

Am I still able to open a new account or speak with someone about a loan?

  • We would love for you to bank with us!  We do have some questions we would like to ask you.
  1. Have you or any member of your immediate family received medical advice from a healthcare professional to self-quarantine?
  2. Have you or any member of your immediate family had a fever, shortness of breath, cough, or shown any other virus symptoms?
  3. Have you been on a domestic or international flight within the past 5 days?

If the answer is no– we will attempt to provide services for your banking needs.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 877-358-6554.

If the answer is yes- to any of the questions above- While we appreciate your interest in opening an account with us, we wish to adhere to the guidelines the CDC has given to everyone and refrain from any close contact that could result in the spread of COVID-19.  However, we may be able to assist you over the phone, through the Drive-Up, or another solution, and do not want to miss the opportunity to provide you with the financial services you deserve. Please contact a customer representative so that we may address your individual situation and determine how we can best assist you with your needs at this time.

Can I request and receive a new debit card?

  • We can definitely assist you with that. We can order one for you for a small fee of $5.  It will take about 7-10 business days. Need it faster? We can print an Instant Issue debit card at our Pinckneyville or Carterville location for a fee of $10.  Should you bank at one of our other locations, we would be happy to call you when it is available for pickup (Normally, 1 to 2 business days).

How do I make an appointment?

  • We would be happy to assist you! Please call 877-358-6554 ( Dial 0, 0 to be directed to an Operator) or you may also dial our facility’s local banking numbers:
  • Pinckneyville             618-357-5373
  • Murphysboro            618-687-2265
  • Elkville                        618-568-1541
  • Carterville                  618-985-5373
  • Marion                       618-422-8966
  • Use one of our secure forms by accessing to send us a request.