President Donald Trump has extended the Coronavirus guidelines for America through April 30th.

We understand the difficulties our communities are facing in this trying time, and will continue to accommodate to the best of our ability. Murphy-Wall is reaching out to our business customers and other community businesses by offering emergency funding assistance through federal and state programs based upon qualifying criteria.


Funding Assistance

The Small Business Administration, (SBA) is offering two programs;

  • The Paycheck Protection Program (SBA PPP) ensures small businesses can continue to pay employees and cover costs during this unprecedented health crisis, for possibly up to 8 weeks. Please visit for more information.
  • The Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) is provided for additional assistance. This Program will be issued directly through SBA, not Financial Institutions. Apply at and follow the instructions on the website.  It will guide you through some qualifying questions and then move you into the application process.


Please be advised that you may need to reach out to your accountant for assistance in gathering the required information. When you have all of the required information gathered, please contact us by calling us toll-free at 877-358-6554 x1962 to help you in forwarding the request to the SBA. Our understanding, which is subject to change, is that the documentation we are providing on our website is current and reflects the requirements of the Small Business Administration. By providing the applications and information, we are not guaranteeing approval, nor can we control the amount of time required for underwriting and/or issuance of funds.  Underwriting and approval of the applications are subject to the review of a third-party Certified SBA Lender.

Additionally, to assist our customers, we are offering temporary payment relief programs to qualified individuals through the direction of our regulating bodies, allowing us to work with our customers during this difficult time.  We are your community bank, financial resource, and neighbor.  As we continue to strictly follow the CDC’s guidelines, the management and staff at Murphy-Wall want all of our customers to know there ARE options. Accessible funds are available (literally) at our fingertips, without even driving to the bank! Call to speak with your loan officer for guidance and more information.


Please call toll-free at 877-358-6554 (Dial 0, 0 to be directed to an Operator) or reach us at any of our locations by dialing your local numbers:

  • Pinckneyville             618-357-5373
  • Murphysboro            618-687-2265
  • Elkville                        618-568-1541
  • Carterville                  618-985-5373
  • Marion                       618-422-8966


Social Distance Banking Options

Check out our website for information and instructions to setup Digital Banking, order checks, request stop payments, and change your address! Use one of our secure forms by accessing to contact us.  Now is the perfect time to sign up! Additionally, don’t forget about our 6 ATMs operating 24/7 throughout Southern IL.


Economic Impact Payment

For information regarding eligibility and status of the COVID-19 stimulus check please visit at


Be alert and watch out for scammers claiming to be with the IRS or any other organization demanding money before they can assist you