Don’t Be a Fraud Victim!

One hundred dollar bill broken into puzzle pieces that say "Fraud"

Pandemic Relief, Cares Act, and Unemployment Scams are on the rise and you may be held responsible if you receive funds deposited that are not yours.  You should not allow anyone to authorize direct deposits into your account unless they are also an owner on the account. We are also aware that false unemployment claims are on the rise, many times involving unsuspecting individuals.  Funds incorrectly received may need to be paid back in full. You are encouraged to alert authorities if you feel you are victim of this recent fraud.  In addition, your credit can be negatively affected by financial scams and you may need to call the credit bureau(s) to assist you.  We have provided a useful link with information to assist if you feel you or someone you know has been a victim of financial fraud.  Please feel free to check back as we will be updating our blog on this subject to provide the latest information and helpful links to help protect our customers.

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Financial Fraud Crimes