Kellerman Retiring from Murphy-Wall State Bank


Barry Kellerman

Kellerman Retiring from Murphy-Wall State Bank

Numbers-Cruncher Counts Down the Days

After 36.5 years in banking, Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company Vice President and Loan Review Officer Barry D. Kellerman announced his upcoming retirement set for the end of October.

Kellerman’s career with Murphy-Wall began with his first day on March 1, 1984, nearly a year after the opening of the present bank building, constructed just east of the Pinckneyville town square. Following a stint in teaching for his first four years out of college, Kellerman decided the classroom wasn’t his best fit. He reflected, “I liked to work with numbers, so I applied at Murphy-Wall and was fortunate enough to be hired.”

He has witnessed the passage of older generations accustomed to banking at brick-and mortar institutions, and has seen the rise of Gen Z mobile bankers of the modern digital era. Reflecting on the bank’s ability to adapt alongside this societal shift, he noted, “A number of changes have occurred since I started. There were no computers in the bank much less one at each work station. Murphy-Wall resided in one building, there are now four other locations. More products are offered now; more regulation and reporting requirements,” He went on to say, “Because of technology we do not see some of our customers regularly, they had to come to the bank to conduct their business but now things can be done electronically.” However, he reported one thing has remained consistent over the decades. Kellerman expressed, “Murphy-Wall is still a locally owned bank.”

Kellerman has worked his way from the titles of Assistant Cashier to Assistant Vice President, and finally Vice President. When asked what thoughts he would have to impart upon his retirement, he simply replied, “No pearls of wisdom; do your job, do it well and people will notice and appreciate you for the effort.” Given the preference if he enjoys being an arithmetician or a people-person, Kellerman added, “I do like working with numbers and getting things to balance. I do alright with people but I feel I’m more of an introvert so as long as I’m familiar with someone I find it easier than it is dealing with a total stranger.”

With no plans to report of following his upcoming departure from the bank, Kellerman describes his future as an open book. “I’ll just see what comes around or develops or what might interest me,” he shared. Noting on his free time, Kellerman said, “I like doing yard work, crosswords, play an occasional round of golf and sit on the front porch.” Kellerman will also have more time to spend with his wife, Melissa “Missy” who also worked a number of years at Murphy-Wall. An avid sports fan, Mr. Kellerman also helps with the junior high and Pinckneyville Community High School Basketball programs as time keeper and score keeper. He also helps with the PCHS Football program as statistician.

While some employees might put in a two-week’ notice before leaving a company, Kellerman gave two-months’ notice. Noting on this, Murphy-Wall State Bank President Marty Davis said, “We appreciate Barry’s consideration of giving us ample time to assist in the transition in the loan department. We are sad to accept his notice due to his loyalty to the bank and the tremendous part he played in the overall operation of the bank, but most of all, we will miss seeing him every day as a friend and fellow employee after his retirement. We wish Barry and Missy the best of what life will have for them in the future. Congratulations to Barry for a job well done.”

As another day in the books closes on Kellerman’s last chapter of reports, he concluded this one in writing, “Through the years I have spent time as a bookkeeper, teller, and appraiser before settling into the loan department. I feel fortunate to have been able to work for the bank and the Crawford family for all these years.” Anyone wishing to may send a congratulatory email to, or come in to sign his memory book from October 26-29.

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