Beware of Copyright Scammers

Scam Alert on caution road


Have you heard about the recent phishing scam, where the perpetrators tell users they have violated copyright laws and must take immediate action to protect their account? They’re making allegations that content the user posted, such as Instagram photos or YouTube videos are violating copyright laws. Users are then threated to immediately click a link, or else risk their account becoming suspended or deactivated. In the latest version of the scam, the bad actors are trying to get you on the phone with a fake support tech. Don’t fall for it.


According to the The KnowBe4 Security Team at, here is how this scam operates. Scammers send a phony Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) complaint that informs users about a potential copyright violation. The user is told that they can click a link to see the original copyright complaint or they can call a phone number to contact technical support. When the user tries to click the complaint link, they are taken to an error page. This error page is used to pressure the user into calling the free, fraudulent phone number instead. Once the user calls, the fake technical support team uses social engineering tactics to pressure the users into revealing sensitive information.