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How to Endorse a Check

  Most of those reading this probably know how to sign a check, but there are some specific details about proper check writing that you may not have known. If someone gives you a check, you must endorse it with your signature before you can cash it. Through your endorsement, you give the bank the […]

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Don’t Be a Fraud Victim!

Pandemic Relief, Cares Act, and Unemployment Scams are on the rise and you may be held responsible if you receive funds deposited that are not yours.  You should not allow anyone to authorize direct deposits into your account unless they are also an owner on the account. We are also aware that false unemployment claims […]

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FDIC Consumer News: Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse

Be organized, proactive, and aware to protect yourself, family and friends from financial abuse It’s easier than ever to handle our finances without setting foot inside a bank with so many advances in technology, but these changes have also made fraud and financial abuse a prevalent problem for older adults. Most elder financial abuse involves […]

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Protecting Yourself from Fraud

Visa protects customers from fraud with a number of prevention tools. With chip-activated terminals, a unique, one-time authorization code protects chip card transactions. Verified by Visa, the cardholder enters a password to verify their identity, which is confirmed by the card issuer in real time. Address Verification Service is used when checking the billing address […]

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Five Steps Toward Financial Wellness

April is National Financial Literacy Month, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Consumers are feeling more pinched each week with rapidly increasing gas and food prices and sluggish economic growth. According to a recent survey by Career Builder, 77 percent of American consumers are living paycheck to paycheck. Financial Literacy Month is […]

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